Ekonomit – covering IT from a management perspective

In today's society, everything runs on IT. Design, research, marketing, sales, logistics, acconting and finance - IT is at the core of all of these areas and can make or break a company. Sweden is the home to an unproportional share of successful start-ups and "unicorns" and Swedish press covers Mojang, Spotify, King and others reasonably well. But for the past 15 years, the coverage for business systems, business intelligence, finance tools and many others have been almost invisible in the media.

You can read about those who owns the companies and how much money they make. But not what their systems actually do for the customers implementing them. We wanted to create an arena where both the largest players like SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft are covered but also the much more specialized products like the visualisation solution Neo4J and others. These have almost never been covered in the traditional media despite being a mission critical component in many large and successful corperations.

Ekonomit.se will cover the IT industry from the angle; what do the solutions do, how do they contribute to the bottom line?

  • e-invoicing and payment solutions
  • integration of the heterogenous cloud services
  • enterprise security issues like identity management
  • the blueprint of a perfect customer service solution
  • how "information at your fingertips" have become reality and what it does

Ekonomit.se was started as a project by Robert Almqvist, a former journalist and IT professional who has been doing PR for IT companies since 1997. The project was joined by, among others, Niklas Eriksson, a seasoned sales- and marketing director in the IT industry. We came together around the fact that the little IT coverage in Sweden also lacked in depth and quality. We wanted proper media covering the big issues for our readers; the actual pains that keep managers within product development, R&D, finance, sales, marketing, HR and logistics awake at night.

We want to break down, explain, analyse, and put news in context. Rather than talk about who owns what and how much profit they made last year, we want to know why anyone needs their products, what alternatives there are, what it takes to implement them, and how soon they can expect return on investments. We are "kitten-falling-off-a-table" free which means that even if advertisers are looking for volumes, we stubbornly want to create a professional media product for professionals. 

Advertising/native advertising/sponsoring/production

We have limited advertising space since readers today tend to filter banners out anyway. Instead, we are interested in content - in articles written by professionals in the industry. We publish these at an almost symbolical rate of 5 000 SEK/each and with a clearly visible marker showing that they are sponsored. But we still reserve the right to check and edit the articles to make sure they keep the same quality as our readers can expect from the editorial content. We are especially interested in case studies, best practice (whitepapers), video interviews, infographics, and more suitable for our readership.

We also have content production capacity, as well as translation services. These can be provided to international companies lacking a local organisation, but marketing their products locally to make sure that the content is relevant to the readers. 

For inquiries, send an email to [email protected] or call +46 0(76) 0219979.

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